Caleb and Hanna Kiss — and Shower Together! Recap of Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 18
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Pretty Little Liars

Caleb and Hanna Kiss — and Shower Together! Recap of Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 18

It finally happened — Caleb and Hanna hooked up! And who else noticed that Hanna took plenty of glances at Caleb after joining him in the shower? Let’s just say that this shower scene was a lot hotter than the one in Psycho.

The students of Rosewood caught acting fever in this week's episode, "The Badass Seed," as they all auditioned for parts in the school play (called The Bad Seed). Ezra is directing, and so Aria offers to work as his stage manager.

Mrs. Marin informs Hanna that she doesn’t want her spending time with Caleb, so when her mom is about to enter the bathroom while Caleb is showering, Hanna has to hop in with him. Not a bad way to start your day.

Ian is back to his ultra-creepy self this week, especially when we see him pass a green tote bag to Jenna. Who knew they were even friends? This leads the girls to flashback to when they saw him at a frat party that Alison helped them sneak into. And while they were there, a girl fell down the stairs and is taken away on a stretcher, so the girls assume that Ian was to blame.

Emily offers to drop off Toby’s book for Spencer, and while there, Toby says it was Jenna who turned him into the police, and then Emily and Toby make breakfast plans. But Toby has to ditch breakfast when Spencer enlists him to steal Jenna’s phone to see if she’s been calling Ian.

The girls give the phone to Caleb, but he’s unable to break into it. And here we thought there was no crime too difficult for Caleb to pull off!

Meanwhile, things could hardly be worse for Aria. Mona — who suddenly thinks she’s Meryl Streep — decides that Aria needs to cater to her every whim. And Aria accidentally refers to Mr. Fitz as “Ezra” at rehearsal, causing quite a stir. (At least she didn’t call him “Pooky.”) Plus, her dad Byron is now besties with Ezra, telling him that Aria might be attending college in Cali and that Ezra should consider teaching at the college level.

Caleb tells Hanna not to act weirdly around him because of their shower incident, and that's when they share that smooch.

Spencer finds a golf trophy in the drama room with Ian’s name on it, with what appears to be blood on it. She convinces the girls to turn it into the police, but the police discover that the blood is actually rat blood and that the trophy is a fake. So they send Spencer in for questioning. “A” strikes again!

This new info, along with Toby telling Spence that he never spied on them, makes the girls wonder if it was Ali who pushed that girl down the stairs because she kept Ali from Ian, and if maybe Ali threw that firecracker at Jenna for the same reason.

So this was quite an episode, as it provided plenty of “A” drama and even gave us a shot of Caleb with his shirt off. What more can we ask for?

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