Ravenswood Season 1: Caleb Breaks Up With Hanna — To Be With Miranda?
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Ravenswood Season 1: Caleb Breaks Up With Hanna — To Be With Miranda?

We blame Miranda Collins. For pretty much everything, come to think of it, since she was the reason that Caleb Rivers left Rosewood — and girlfriend Hanna Marin — in the first place. In fact, if it wasn’t for Miranda, he would be safely in the neighboring town, being haunted only by living spirits, instead of the evil dead. Ugh. But all ranting aside, we need to talk about this sudden twist in the Ravenswood winter premiere, Season 1, Episode 6, “Revival.”

After a relaxing holiday season, with our minds set at ease knowing Caleb was back in Rosewood with his people, we were jarred awake in the worst way. Miranda hardly cajoles the truth out of Caleb, and it comes pouring out. “I broke up with Hanna,” he tells her immediately.


Worse, still, is that he breaks up with her because of Miranda. But before you go joining us in our petition-writing campaign against the alluring, if dead, girl, it wasn’t necessarily her fault. Although the two had a moment in the midwinter finale, the understanding was that they’re in pretty different worlds still, and anything that might happen between them because of past ties would have to wait.

Though Caleb told Hanna the split was partially because of Miranda, it seems he failed to inform her that the other woman was, in fact, dead. Miranda gets up and arms, as we would, afraid that Hanna will be pissed and think something else is going on between herself and her pal Caleb. And isn’t it, though? Original Caleb and Original Miranda were in love, and together, when they died.

In Caleb’s defense, he reasons that if he told Hanna the truth, she’d be on the “first bus over to Ravenswood,” (Um, don’t these people have cars?) and that she’d then be in harm’s way herself. So, the takeaway message is not great: Haleb is over, for now, and though it’s partially because of Miranda, it’s also because Caleb has gone and ingrained himself fully in the weird and wonderful world of Ravenswood’s waking residents. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go settle down and dream of a world in which Haleb is still going strong…

What do you think about Caleb and Hanna splitting up? Did he do the right thing, or should he have explained the truth to Hanna?

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