Callie and Arizona Get Married! MerDer Make It Official! Recap of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 20
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Grey's Anatomy

Callie and Arizona Get Married! MerDer Make It Official! Recap of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 20

Another season, another classic Grey's Anatomy wedding. And this one is between Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). The parents of both brides-to-be are in town for the special day, but the air is pungent with family dysfunction. Arizona's dad insists on being referred to as "The Colonel" and sets a strict schedule for everything. Callie's mom is oddly distant and aloof. Callie and her mom eventually speak frankly, and her mom could not be more disapproving of Callie and is convinced that she and Sofia are going to burn for their sins. Mama Torres hightails it outta Seattle and Callie's dad follows. Distraught Callie wants to call off the wedding but Bailey (Chanda Wilson) gives a heckuva pep talk, and Mark (Eric Dane) steps up to fill the paternal void — that is, until Papa Torres comes back. Meanwhile, Arizona is grieving over her late brother Timothy, who was always excited for Arizona to get married. And again, Mark is the designated crying-shoulder. (We love Arizona and Mark bonding!)

Everyone is smitten with Alex (Justin Chambers) for bringing the African children over, and he emerges as the front-runner for Chief Resident. And the kids? There's a boy, Condo, with no sternum whose heart is exposed behind a thin layer of skin. There's a girl, Asha, with badly-healed chest trauma, HIV, and intestinal TB. And there's little Zola with spina bifida. Teddy (Kim Raver) and Mark help out Condo, while Arizona comforts his nervous older brother. Stark (Peter MacNicol), Owen (Kevin McKidd), and Sarah (April Kepner) operate on Asha. And Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Alex cure Zola.

Derek becomes so enamored with Zola that he suggests to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that they adopt her, and Mer is pumped. They start the paperwork but realize they have one important hurdle to clear before the adoption can happen.

Elsewhere, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) has Jackson (Jesse Williams) babysitting lab mice and cleaning their cages, but Jackson lands in the Chief's good graces with a breakthrough idea for the mice's treatment. Cristina (Sandra Oh) apologizes to Teddy but in the most transparently insincere way. Stark is still being nasty to April but she impresses him by making a traditional maize porridge for Asha, so he ends up recommending her to Owen for the Chief Resident position. Alex busts Meredith about switching the placebo designation, but Meredith denies her heart out. And finally, Andrew asks Teddy to go play house with him to Germany.

Calzona's wedding is beautiful — almost too beautiful to have been put together at the last minute! (Ah, television miracles.) And Bailey officiates the wedding with panache. Both brides are beaming with joy, and everyone looks très chic. All in all, it's a lovely event. We kinda wish we coulda been there!

The only notable absences (besides Callie's witch of a mom) are Meredith and Derek, but that's only because they're at the courthouse, finally making their wedding official. Once they're officially married, they get back to the matter of adopting Zola, who, by the way, is freakin' adorable, especially cheek-to-smiling-cheek with Mer and Der. So is Zola a permanent member of the family? Guess we'll find out next week. Till then, folks...