Callie’s Knocked Up: Top 5 OMG Moments of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 12
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Grey's Anatomy

Callie’s Knocked Up: Top 5 OMG Moments of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 12

Neither gunshots nor doctors were fired in this episode, but that's not to say that the installment was lacking twists and turns. Between people getting knocked down by horses to people getting knocked up by man-whores, here are the most shocking of shocks from Grey's Anatomy, Season 7, Episode 12.

Skittish horses trample Scottish guy
Poor Brady. He just wanted to become domestic partners with the love of his life, Kyle, and instead he gets stomped on by no fewer than three horses. And poor Kyle. He just wanted to make the ceremony romantic and spectacular. They'll be able to laugh about this later, right? Maybe?

Hail to the Chief
Ladies and gentleman, start your engines! Richard just casually let slip that the race for Chief Resident is on, sending the residents into a tizzy. Suddenly, everyone's putting on their A-game and listening to any pearls of wisdom Richard dispenses. And then there's the nearly perfect Bailey, who could teach a master class on being Chief Resident.

An Arizona'd apartment
We're seriously calling Arizona's judgment into question here. If you're trying to reunite with your jilted love, who still happens to be furious with you, is it really the best idea to move in with them? If Callie's going to forgive Arizona, she'll need time and space, both of which don't seem to be things Arizona wants to afford her. Seriously, girl — back off for a bit.

Not just idle observers
Richard's announcement that the first-year med students would be shadowing the residents was no big whoop, but he threw them a helluva curveball by having the students write evaluation on their big brothers and sisters. Gathering stealth intelligence on Chief Resident candidates? We admire your craftiness, Chief.

Callie's carrying a child
Okay, we knew that Callie had been, uh, making rounds with Mark. But how the heck did this happen? Were they careless? Were they drunk? (There was the time at the party...) Or was this intentional? Was Callie trying to get pregnant? And if so, did Mark know that? So many questions and so many days to wait before we find out the answers. We guess we'll remain as shocked and confused as Arizona is.


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