UPDATE: The Calling Singer Alex Band Kidnapped and Beaten in Michigan
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UPDATE: The Calling Singer Alex Band Kidnapped and Beaten in Michigan

UPDATE 8/19/13 1:45pm: A statement released on August 19 says that after Alex was kidnapped and shaken down, then beaten, his "unborn child" was his "savior." An official statement reveals, "After Band fought back, he was cornered in the van with the gun to his face, and Band told the assailants, 'Don't kill me as I am about to be a dad. After more beating, the assailants responded with 'We don't kill fathers' and then left him for dead at a local railroad track in Lapeer."

Bad news for fans of the early 2000s: it looks like that promise the guy from The Calling made to go wherever you will go will have to wait for a while, because he's not going much of anywhere for a while.

Alex Band, the lead singer of the one-hit wonder group, was the target of an attack in Lapeer, Michigan on Sunday, according to TMZ.

The recently reunited band, who had taken a break from one another since 2005 were in Lapeer for a music festival. Bored with the view from his hotel room window, Alex decided to walk to the local mini-mart around 4 AM when a van pulled up beside him and dragged him in.

The group in the van held him inside and beat the living daylights out of him before releasing him, badly wounded, on train tracks near where they had found him.

Later that morning, when the other band members didn't find Alex in his room, they went out looking for him and found him near the hotel, looking worse for wear.

There's no word on just how badly he's injured, but the police are investigating the incident report for the case.

Source: TMZ / Us Weekly

08.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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