Juan Pablo Galavis Calls Clare Crawley “Childish” for Bachelor Exit!
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Calls Clare Crawley “Childish” for Bachelor Exit!

For a guy who essentially said he wanted to be “done” with The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis sure has a lot of criticism to dole out in his post-finale days. In his first — and only, so far — media moment following his not-proposal to Nikki Ferrell on the March 10 finale, Juan Pabs talked to People magazine… and spent a surprising amount of time talking about Clare Crawley and Andi Dorfman.

Fans who tuned in (all 11 million or so of em) watched the 32-year-old runner-up go through quite the rollercoaster of emotions — and we’re just talking about Monday’s episode. After Juan Pablo picked some choice (read: repulsive) words to say to the beautiful Clare on their last date together, she was already conflicted when Juan Pablo rejected her. She handled herself beautifully, telling off El Bachelor in an epic speech.

Her last words to Juan Pabs? “I lost respect for you ... I thought I knew what kind of man you were. But what you just made me go through, I would never want my children having a father like you.” All he had to say in response was “Whew. I’m glad I didn’t pick her!” We were already shaking our heads, but now we have even more reason.

In his People (via E! Online) cover story, he adds a little more about how he feels about Clare — who refused Chris Harrison’s “After the Final Rose” offer to talk to JPG ever again. "It was very tough for me to say goodbye to Clare, but she made it easier with her reaction. She was expecting me to propose, I get it, but you don't have to come at me like that," he says.

We respectfully (sort of) disagree. Adds Juan Pablo, "It was childish. She disappointed me." And what’s more, he sounds like he’s still peeved at Andi for her exit speech. "Like with Andi, we don't have to talk about what happened or didn't happen. Just go."

Spoken like a guy who’s really equipped to make it work with someone he barely knows. Good luck, Juan Pablo. Sounds like you’ll need it.

Source: People (via E! Online)

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