Cynthia Bailey Calls Out NeNe Leakes For Being “Shady” Behind Her Back (VIDEO)
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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey Calls Out NeNe Leakes For Being “Shady” Behind Her Back (VIDEO)

This is so sad, ya'll. In tonight’s Part 2 of the Season 6 Reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we witnessed a falling out that we never ever expected to see. Longtime besties Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes had some words after what became a tricky season for the famous duo, due to a small rift between NeNe and Peter Thomas.

The problems first started when NeNe called Peter a “bitch” in front of everyone for getting involved in the women's drama. At the time, Cynthia didn't really let the incident get to her, but in hindsight, she realizes that if the tables were turned, NeNe never would have stood for her calling Gregg a similar name.

NeNe disagrees, but Cynthia doesn't quite believe it.

What's more, Cynthia is upset over the way NeNe has thrown shade at her in her Bravo blog, instead of personally addressing her over any issues she may have had with her.

“I don’t even know at this point if she’s even aware of how she can be shady,” Cynthia says.

NeNe counters that Cynthia also takes to Twitter to talk about the other women on the show, but Cynthia insists that she considers NeNe her friend and she would do whatever it takes to make things right between them before resorting to Twitter or a blog to badmouth her.

Cynthia also adds that NeNe can dish it, but she can’t take it, explaining, “You say anything slightly to NeNe, she feels attacked.”

After a while, it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere. “What you want from me?” Mrs. Leakes asks her former bestie, to which Cynthia responds, “I want the same respect that you expect from your friends.” Can’t we all just get along?!

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