Catherine Giudici Calls Sex With Sean Lowe “Quick Fireworks” — Funny or Mean? (VIDEO)
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Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici Calls Sex With Sean Lowe “Quick Fireworks” — Funny or Mean? (VIDEO)

Maybe you’ve heard that Season 17 Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici waited until their wedding night to have sex? If you watched the January 26 televised wedding special, it was pretty much all anybody talked about. And Catherine was the first to point that out when the couple stopped by the Season 18 “Women Tell All” special on March 3.

So, when host Chris Harrison got Sean and Catherine in the hotseat, that long-awaited night of passion was pretty much the first thing he asked about. Catherine called the night “very romantic,” while Sean said there were “fireworks” — at which point Catherine quipped, “yeah, quick fireworks.”

Um, ouch? Cat’s clearly joking, but she also just called out her husband’s sexual abilities on national TV! Maybe not the best venue to be making that kind of joke… though we’re not surprised, given their teasing, fun relationship.Sean quickly took to Twitter to react to his wife’s comments, and he’s clearly got a sense of humor about the whole thing. “‘Quick Fireworks’ My wife thinks she's a comedian,” hetweeted. He’s playing it off like no big deal, but what do you think?

Not all husbands (or boyfriends) would be cool with their lady challenging their skills in that department. What do you think: was Catherine’s joke all in good fun, or was it a big relationship faux pas?

Source: Sean Lowe on Twitter