Did Calvin Harris Block Rita Ora From Performing at Teen Choice Awards? She Says…
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Teen Choice Awards

Did Calvin Harris Block Rita Ora From Performing at Teen Choice Awards? She Says…

Update (August 12, 2014):

Rita stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show on August 12 and spilled the beans about that upsetting Teen Choice Awards announcement, saying she couldn't perform her hit "I Will Never Let You Down" after Calvin, who owns the rights to their shared single as writer and producer, didn't sign off on the performance.

She explained it wasn't a surprise but still disappointing. "I was scheduled to perform and all my friends were texting me and we put a lot of work and effort into the show and every time I do a show, I rehearse about a month in advance. I could have been told a few weeks earlier. That would have been nice. It was a last minute change, but you know what? It happens and we move on. We move forward."

Original story (August 10, 2014):

The 2014 Teen Choice Awards air live tonight, August 10 on FOX. Rita Ora was announced as one of the musical guests, expected to perform "I Will Never Let You Down," her song written and co-produced by now ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

However, it sounds like she might not perform after all. On August 9, Rita tweeted, "Guys I am so sorry. I will make it up too you. I promise. I'm devastated. I love my fans."

She didn't provide any context for the tweet, but it followed a story in the Daily Mail quoting an insider who said Rita was forced to pull out when Calvin refused to allow her to perform the song. The source said Rita was "heartbroken" and "devastated" at the last minute decision.

The unnamed insider slammed Calvin for his alleged decision, since Rita had spent so much time preparing for the performance and she's now letting down her fans. "It is surprising that he has made such a poor choice," the source said. "'This cruel move by bitter Calvin has impacted not only the Teen Choice Award production but the teenage fans expecting to see her perform. He's let the teens down.”

Yikes. The two seemed to part on relatively good terms, tweeting nice things about each other after their late spring breakup. However, in the September issue of Glamour UK, Rita admitted, "I'm not doing too great ... But, I'm doing better than I thought."

In potentially related news, also on August 9, Calvin tweeted, “You act so innocent now...but you lied so soon ” Some fans seem to think that was some shade for Rita.

Are you disappointed to hear that Rita might not perform? It’s still unconfirmed, but her own tweet is a heavy suggestion on its own.

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