Cam and Mitchell’s Top 10 Relationship Quotes From Modern Family Season 3
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Cam and Mitchell’s Top 10 Relationship Quotes From Modern Family Season 3

Cam and Mitchell are everyone’s favorite dynamic duo on Modern Family. Their lovable spars and competitive arguments somehow make them even more adorable — and their sparkly good looks definitely help. (And we mean sparkly in the most literal way possible. Cam loves glitter!).

Check out this cute couple’s best quote-a-doodle-doos of the season!

Cameron: “How would she know I'm gay?”
Mitchell: “Maybe by the way you ordered a drink a-doodle-do.”

Ending sentences like you’re a rooster is a dead-giveaway.

Cam: “You hate her sparkly outfit, don't you?”
Mitchell: “No I told you it was fine, I just didn't like you wearing a matching one.”

Sparkly clothes are like Highlanders: There can be only one.

Cam: “Thanks for staying home with me.”
Mitchell: “Well, you know, in sickness and in health, right?”
Cam: “You're still blinking sweetie.”

In sickness and in health unless Lady Gaga is in the picture.

Mitchell: “You do love pink.”
Cam: “No, pink loves me.”

All the colors of the rainbow love Cam.

Cameron: “I love Jay, but I don't know about him raising a child.”
Mitchell: “He raised me.”
Cameron: “Well now you've put me in an awkward position.”

What’s awkward about telling your man that his childhood was screwed up?

Cam and Mitchell’s Top 10 Relationship Quotes From Modern Family Season 3
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Mitchell: “I guess you don't respect party themes.”
Cam: “You did NOT just say that.”

Never question Cam’s love of princess parties.

Cam: “She's already prone to flashbacks, if you know what I mean.”
Mitchell: “You know she didn't fight in Vietnam, right?”

Clearly, Cam’s referring to all the LSD Lily drops.

Mitchell: “Aren't you going to change into a working man's outfit?”
Cameron: “I don't think workmen really call them outfits.”

Tell that to The Village People.

Mitchell: “I never went to sports games with him.”
Cameron: “Probably because you call them sports games. Lose the sports.”

Who needs sports games when you can watch Bravo at the Gym?

Cam: “My dream for him is that one day, he'll be on the Supreme Court.”
Mitchell: “Why, Cam?”
Cam: “So at parties I can tell people my partner is one of the Supremes.”

Referring to your husband as a famous Diva always helps break the ice!

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