Cam Gigandet Disses Former The O.C. Co-Stars: “Those Kids Were F—king Miserable”
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Cam Gigandet Disses Former The O.C. Co-Stars: “Those Kids Were F—king Miserable”

Cam Gigandet has upped his hottie status since starring in The Twilight Saga and his new show, Reckless, premiering this Sunday — but back in the day, our disdain for him was as large as the space between his eyebrows. He played Kevin Volchok on The O.C., Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton)'s last boyfriend, and the guy responsible for her death at the end of Season 3. As it turns out, though, Cam doesn't have the best memories of his time with the FOX series, either.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, the Burlesque star threw some serious shade at his former castmates. "Those kids were f—king miserable," he responds when asked if he had any good memories of the show. "They would not remember their lines on purpose. They were young."

While he has a begrudging respect for Ben, his time with the actor wasn't too great. "Ben McKenzie was kind of mean to me," the 31-year-old Tacoma, WA native says. "I hadn't done anything at that point and he was a bit of an ass."

"But I love him," Cam is quick to comment, though. "I think he's a great actor and I love Southland."

Perhaps Cam's biggest diss of all was at the expense of his on-screen girlfriend Mischa, though. When Elle follows up, "What about Mischa Barton?" Cam is dismissive at best.

"Mischa? I didn't really… Was she there?" he responds. "I don't even have memories of her." Ouch!

He's quick to clarify that his comments should be taken with a grain of salt. "I don't talk to anyone I've ever worked with," he admits.

Okay, so Cam had some nice things to say — but for the most part, yikes, dude.

If Cam had nothing nice to say, should he have said anything at all? Let it all out in the comments.

Source: Elle

06.26.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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