Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington: I Just Want to Scream at Alex and Jo
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Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington: I Just Want to Scream at Alex and Jo

Camilla Luddington may only have been on Grey's Anatomy since last season, but she's already endearing herself to viewers as Grey Sloan Memorial intern Jo Wilson, whose mix of fierceness and vulnerability seems to be a perfect match for that of boyfriend Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

As the 29-year-old Brit elaborates in a new interview with The Reel Spin, that duality is what attracts her to the role.

"I love that Jo is so complex," Camilla says. "She is someone who has felt that she can only rely on herself. This has made her beyond protective of her own feelings and extremely careful about who she chooses to open up to … With Alex it took her a long time (and a drunken night at Bailey's wedding) to feel like he was a friend but … once she decides to let someone in, she will be fiercely loyal and protective, sometimes to a fault."

She does say, however, that her Season 10 storyline is a challenge to film as an actress — and to watch unfold as a Jolex 'shipper!

"This season is tougher than last," she continues, "because now they're together and navigating their way through a new relationship, and they aren't the best at communication. They're learning, but there are times when I read a script I just wanna scream at them both, 'Talk! Please! Just talk to each other!'"

And as for her favorite mischievous Jo moment #mce_temp_url#— Joment? — Camilla points to the time Jo admitted to Alex that the torturous childhood she described on the night of Bailey's wedding was actually just a plot from a cable movie: "It's funny and the first moment when the audience get to see their friendship start as two potential 'partners in crime,' which is how I like to think of them."

Sounds like an apt description of this new Grey's power couple to us!

Do you think Jo and Alex are a perfect match? Give us your take below, and catch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: The Reel Spin

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