Is Camille Grammer Still Friends With Allison DuBois? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Is Camille Grammer Still Friends With Allison DuBois? (VIDEO)

Perhaps the most memorable episode ever of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the one from Season 1, where Camille Grammer's dinner party with psychic Allison DuBois and Kyle Richards turned into an absolute nightmare. Know that. So is Camille still friends with the electric cigarette-loving Allison?

Camille appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week and is asked if she and Allison — the real-life inspiration for the NBC drama series Medium — are still close. "I haven't spoken to Alison in, it's gotta be over two years, so no," Camille reveals. Whoa!

Host Andy Cohen is stunned by this news and asks if their falling out is due to the wild episode of RHoBH. "I think so — I think she blames me for it," Camille responds. "[Somebody] DM'd me on Twitter and said that, 'She's blaming you for setting her up,' and I never set her up."

To be honest, we're sort of relieved that Camille and Allison are no longer friends, since Allison didn't seem to be very nice (to put it mildly). Plus, Camille and Kyle are now friends, and it would be somewhat hard to picture Camille being friends with both women, given how hostile Allison was toward Kyle.

Are you surprised that Camille no longer speaks to Allison?

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