The Bachelorette 2014: Can Andi Dorfman Trust Nick Viall? (POLL)
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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette 2014: Can Andi Dorfman Trust Nick Viall? (POLL)

Nick Viall certainly brought it during Episode 7 of The Bachelorette Season 10. He snuck up to her hotel room past some pretty tough security, told Andi Dorfman he's falling for her, and also laid down the shocker that he’s going to marry her. Pause for a moment while we catch our breath.

Come again, Nick?! While we know the point of the show is to get the last man standing to propose during the final episode, we’re also only seven episodes in, meaning Nick has spent about 16 hours alone with Andi at this point. So has he genuinely developed the most intense emotions on the face of the planet for the Dorf that quickly, or is he just telling her what she wants to hear so he can continue on the free world tour?

For her part, Andi seems to be eating the Chicago salesman’s line of love up, complaining that contestant Josh Murray isn't opening up as much as the other guys, i.e., Nick and Marcus Grodd. And, despite having had more alone time with Nick than the other guys already, she gives him the Episode 7 Group Date Rose, essentially kicking the rest of the group date to the curb. Clearly she's on board with #TeamNick.

But the rest of the guys left aren't loving the Nick lovin', and are catching on to his shady side. Farmer Chris told Nick he's "more of a gamer and you're not here for the right reasons." And Marcus made a very telling comment that shows just how little the guys trust McSalty. "If he does make it to the final two," said M.Grodd, "I guarantee he's going to walk." Wow!

Viewers and contestants alike have been divided on Nick and his “confidence” for a while, wondering if he’s truly in it for Andi or just in it to win it. And in the June 30 episode, ABC is definitely playing up the controversy.

Nick is bringing his A+ game and definitely has his eye on the prize. Unfortunately, we’re just not sure if that prize is Andi’s heart or the fame that will come with getting the Final Rose.

What do you think — can Andi trust Nick? Take our poll and weigh in on the matter.

He really likes her!

He just has a rose fetish.