The Bachelor Canada Now Casting For Season 2! How Do You Get On the Show?
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor Canada Now Casting For Season 2! How Do You Get On the Show?

Do you have a BIG SMILE? Can you avoid wearing patterns on camera? Have the gum chewing addiction under control? Super, because this is not a game, and you might just be the perfect Bachelor… in Canada.

The neighbors to the north have one season of The Bachelor under their Mountie belts and are all set to head out on their second season, which we’re hoping is called The Bachelor Canada: A Toonie for the Ages. (Copyrighting that right now. Back off.)

Obnoxious personal habits aside (yeah, we see you snapping that gum), the show’s Facebook page has all the details on how you can get on the show as either the lead or the contestant.

One problem: They don’t seem to take non-Canadians, which is just rude. Hey, guys? We get it: Canada is king. You want to find all the best guys and gals in Canada to do the thing with the roses and the shiny dresses and tears. Fine. But we cast Jillian Harris on Season 13 of The Bachelor and as the main rose doler on The Bachelorette Season 5, and have had plenty of other folks from the maple syrup mecca on our shows… Just saying, dual citizenship is nice.

A video is required for the application, and contestants should answer questions like, “What’s would you say is your worst quality?” and “What is your most important possession and why?” Strangely, that second question is only asked of the women applying to be contestants, since it’s a well known fact that guys hate things. Except roses.

Season 1 couple Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber are beautiful and still together, so it can’t hurt to go online and make the best decision of your life. And fun fact: because this is Canada and not the USA, applicants as young as 19 are welcome to publicly shame themselves apply. The last day to submit is January 16, 2014, giving you just enough time to illegally cross the border, create an identity as a more polite person, and figure out the accent — or just apply, if you already live there.

Source: The Bachelor Canada Facebook

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