Canceled TV Show Infographic: What Shows Get Axed Most Often?


Canceled TV Show Infographic: What Shows Get Axed Most Often?

What makes a show succeed or fail? Each cancellation has a different reason behind it, but we found an infographic by that at least puts some numbers to the losses.

As many a burned fan knows, FOX is most likely to cancel a show after one season, by a landslide; 42% of their shows end up canceled without seeing Season 2. Trailing in second is The CW with 35%. Maybe FOX is throwing this number off (never enough FOX cancellation jokes!), but sitcoms are the most likely show to get cancelled after one season; 26% of one-season shows are sitcoms, and 24% are dramas.

Of course, the sitcom/drama breakdown is no comfort to Bradley Cooper! It's a good thing that (hot, hot) man found success in movies, because that dude only found success in Alias. In one move just slated for disaster, he starred in the FOX (!) sitcom (!!) Kitchen Confidential, based on the Anthony Bourdain memoir, in 2005, which only lasted four episodes.

America's senior sweetheart Betty White, though, fares much better, as the graphic points out.

While most TV shows that experience premature cancellation get a fighting chance before they're canceled — 33% last 11-15 episodes — 3% only last 1-5 (Wonderfalls fans can feel this burn pretty well). Only 13% make it to 21-25 episodes before meeting their doom, though.

If this data intrigues you — or you just need a sweet visual with your stats — take a look at the graphic below!

Canceled: Single Season TV Shows – An infographic by the team at

How does this infographic make you feel about your beloved, canceled shows?

05.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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