Teen Mom 3 Cancellation: Alexandria Sekella Sparks Twitter Feud Over “Train Wreck” Comment
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Teen Mom 3

Teen Mom 3 Cancellation: Alexandria Sekella Sparks Twitter Feud Over “Train Wreck” Comment

Teen Mom 3 has officially been cancelled, and fans all over the USofA are scratching their heads wondering why. There's no doubt that Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, Katie Yeager, and Briana Dejesus had fascinating stories to tell, and they most certainly brought the drama! But did they bring enough drama? Because Alex thinks the show was cancelled due to the fact that the cast aren't "train wrecks."

Oh, snap — did Alex just throw shade at her predecessors?! It's a war of the Teen Moms, y'all! Alex's comments most definitely didn't go unnoticed, and we've rounded up an array responses from the likes of Maci Bookout, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans.

Here's what went down: after Alex tweeted that "America wants to watch crazies," she defended Mackenzie's newest pregnancy by tweeting "at least she is married graduated w Cosmo degree n it’s w the same guy" — which caused Kailyn to shoot back with "what does the same guy have to do with anything?"

Kailyn also took issue with Alex's "train wreck" comment, tweeting "So MTV continued with us because we’re train wrecks? Not to mention Leah and I were not teens when we decided to get pregnant." When Kailyn added that she was offended, Maci had her back, saying "BOTH of yours kids have tons of love around them."

Meanwhile, Alex clarified her "train wreck" comment, writing, "Jenelle makes teen mom 2 only reason ppl watch is to see her fail," and Jenelle shot back tweeting, "All u #TeemMom3 ladies can put me down all yu want, yr not making yrself look any better. Let it go already."

Luckily, Mackenzie and Katie managed to restrict their comments to a few polite musings, but Briana used the opportunity to throw massive shade at Farrah Abraham, tweeting, "Time to move on from MTV and do bigger and better things & no I don't mean become a porn star lol."

Balls in your court Farrah (and we mean that in more ways than one).

Do you think it was out of line for the Teen Mom 3 gals to lash out at the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 stars in wake of their cancellation? Hit the comments!