Candace Cameron Bure on Why She Talked About Faith So Much on Dancing With the Stars
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Candace Cameron Bure on Why She Talked About Faith So Much on Dancing With the Stars

It’s no secret that faith is a big part of Candace Cameron Bure’s life. That’s something a lot of Dancing With the Stars viewers already knew about the Full House actress before she started on Season 18 — and some fans maybe liked her more or possibly less because of it.

Candace’s religious beliefs became a big part of her DWTS storyline, but that wasn’t necessarily her choice. The spring season’s third place contestant talked to The Blaze’s Billy Hallowell about the faith factor of her DWTS edit.

"My faith was mentioned a lot throughout the whole entire show,” Candace said, “and that was something that — you know, I freely talk about it. But whenever you're on a show, it's up to the producers whether they want to use it or not, and most people shy away from that, they don't want to put in the faith factor. [But] Dancing With the Stars really liked that so they continued to encourage me and they continued to really edit the clips where I was talking about my faith."

Notice her emphasis on editing. The producers ask questions behind the scenes to direct you into different discussion topics. They can do whatever they want with what you say, and even if they just tried to show the positive effect of Candace’s faith — which isn’t a bad thing by any means — it’s still not the only thing she talked about, and you never know what context was left out of what they decided to air.

Candace said DWTS was a huge growth experience for her but “it’s a huge relief” to her that it’s over. "It's been an amazing experience but it's been a hard one as well." She dealt with nerves in a big way, and they didn't go away, she just learned to handle them. She also learned to tune out what other people thought and just be true to herself and not worry about disappointing others.

She’s understandably proud to have made it to third place on such a competitive season. Good job, Candace — enjoy your much-deserved rest!

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