Candice Accola Celebrates Huge Milestone With Husband Joe King
Candice Accola Celebrates Huge Milestone With Husband Joe King
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The Vampire Diaries

Candice Accola Celebrates Huge Milestone With Husband Joe King


Just when we think newlyweds Candice Accola and Fray guitarist Joe King can’t get any cuter, they take to social media to celebrate their Super Bowl anniversary. Check out their adorable Instagrams about the day they met three years ago and try to keep your heart from melting.

“Happy 3 year anniversary @josekingseco! I'll never forget the day i met Joe! Oh... And you too ;)#superbowlsoulmates,” the Vampire Diaries actress captioned a photo of herself and Joe playing on the same celebrity Super Bowl event team in 2011.

Joe posted his own photo from that day three years ago, adorably captioning it: “I remember this exact hallway, the moment when I first met her three years ago. I was trying to muster up the strength to even look up at her, to say hello to my fellow teammate, having no idea that this pig tailed #9 Accola girl would be the love of my life. Happy 3 year anniversary @craccola.”

According to the story, Candice liked Joe, but was too embarrassed to ask for his number, so co-star and BFF Nina Dobrev took charge and gave Candice’s number to Joe for her. Pretty easy to imagine how these two could have missed one another, and now they’re married! The two shared an epic wedding with their friends and family in New Orleans in October before jetting off to their own private island for their honeymoon. And it was all made possible by the Super Bowl!

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