Candice Accola Heads to the White House — Move Over Elle Woods, She’s Legally Blonde!
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Candice Accola Heads to the White House — Move Over Elle Woods, She’s Legally Blonde!

It’s really hard not to like Candice Accola and her on-screen alter ego Caroline Forbes. Both blonde bombshells are equally adorable, quirky, and ambitious. Candice channeled her inner Elle Woods on Monday when she visited the White House — that’s right, Miss Forbes went to Washington.

While Candice was on Capitol Hill, she snapped a picture of the President’s humble abode, captioning the pic, “It’s a beautiful morning at the White House.”

We can only assume that Candice is taking in the sights and locales on her way home from NY Bridal Week, since she was up in the Big Apple enjoying all the frills and thrills of wedding planning with her mom.

Unfortunately Candice didn’t take a selfie in front of the White House, and it seems like she was trying to stay incognito by taking a photo away from the front gate where tourists usually stand and take pictures.

This got us thinking about one of the biggest cinematic moments in history, when Elle Woods passes the White House at the end of the Legally Blonde sequel and alludes to her presidential hopes and dreams. While Candice seems to enjoy being an actress there’s always hope that Caroline will get her ish together, take some political science classes, and run for office, right?

Caroline Forbes for President in 2040, you guys! We just hope being a vampire doesn’t disqualify you from running the country. Hmm…

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