Candice Accola Is Pregnant Rumor: Is It True or Just Wild Speculation?

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Candice Accola Is Pregnant Rumor: Is It True or Just Wild Speculation?

Is Candice Accola pregnant or is it all just another wild celebrity rumor gone out of control? Fans on Twitter and Facebook are still reeling from the news The Vampire Diaries actress might be knocked up and what that could mean for her character, Caroline Forbes, for next season. Even now, the question is still all over Twitter and Facebook about whether or not Candice is expecting.

We initially reported the rumor that a pregnant Candice Accola was reportedly spotted at a fan convention. Some fans were allegedly even reporting that The Vampire Diaries actress actually announced she was pregnant with fiance Joe King’s baby.

If Candice had, in fact, come out and openly said she was with child, you can bet every TVD fan site in the world would have posted that story — so we’re not believing that bit of gossip. But what about the alleged fans who supposedly saw her with a baby bump?

Well, we checked out video from her appearance at BloodyNightCon in mid-May (where the bump was allegedly spotted according to some of the rumors) and at Love & Blood ItaCon. Honestly, we find the videos and photos of her from the event inconclusive. While we haven’t found any video or pics that just scream baby bump, we haven’t found any that show her wearing such form-fitting clothing that it’s obviously she isn’t preggers.

The only possible real clue we might have to whether this rumor is true or not is a mysterious tweet by fellow Vampire Diaries actress Arielle Kebbel. On June 8, while Arielle was attending the ATX Television Festival in Austin, TX, she sent out a short tweet saying, “Wow! @CandiceAccola just heard the news! CONGRATS!!!!” This was right at the height of the Candice Accola pregnant rumors flying all over Twitter. (Candice did not reply publicly, just FYI.)

Now, Arielle could have just been very late in finding out that Candice recently got engaged to Fray guitarist Joe King — like, really late considering how that news was all over everything Vampire Diaries and you’d have to have been under a rock... but still, possible. Or maybe Arielle actually saw all the tweets about Candice being pregnant and took that as fact. The third possibility, of course, is that she has insider information and accidentally let it slip and did confirm the pregnancy rumor. This sort of thing happens all the time in Hollywood.

Candice herself has been pretty quiet the past couple of weeks. Her almost daily Twitter posting has slowed considerably, with only one new tweet Since June 1st, saying “Head in the clouds” accompanied by a photo of a statue against a blue sky. But, we also know she’s been traveling... so that could be the real reason behind her lack of social media engagement.

Until Candice or her camp says something official, we’re going to chalk all of this up to a whole lot of unsubstantiated rumor. If The Vampire Diaries actress has something to tell us, we’re sure she will in her own sweet time. Meanwhile, you’ve asked and we’ve answered with all the information we have at our hands right now. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any new developments as soon as we know anything!

06.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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