Candice Accola Makes Out With Fiancé Joe King in The Fray’s “Love Don’t Die” Video
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Candice Accola Makes Out With Fiancé Joe King in The Fray’s “Love Don’t Die” Video

Tambourines, bar brawls, and Candice Accola — what more could one want from a music video? The Fray’s new vid for “Love Don’t Die” has the Vampire Diaries star’s real-life fiance, Fray guitarist Joe King, starting a bar brawl for his gal. How does Candice react?

“I pretty much go up to the biggest dude in the bar, who’s getting all aggressive with my girl … spin him around, and sock him,” Joe explains to Entertainment Weekly. And, spoiler alert, the “biggest dude” doesn’t take the punch well, and the entire bar breaks out into a brawl over our girl Candice. But, don’t worry! There is still time for a mini-makeout session for real-life sweethearts Candice and Joe before The Fray flee the bar, hop onto their motorcycles, and make off into the night.

As strange as it may be to see Candice not throwing off over-friendly biker dudes on her own (Caroline Forbes style), we love that Candice and Joe have gotten a chance to be together on screen. And, boy do they have chemistry! Fray guest spot on TVD, anyone?

The two lovebirds have been engaged since May, and Candice has been busy planning her wedding ever since. She and co-star Kat Graham are both brides to be, so the TVD set must be abuzz with glorious wedding planning. Kat told Wetpaint Entertainment earlier this year: “It's so cute because Candice is engaged now, and we're going to be doing it together a bit. She's helping me, I'm helping her … I never thought I would have a friend engaged at the same time as me. So it's been very spectacular to have this experience with her, and be able to share it with her.”

What do you think of The Fray’s new music video? Do you find Candice and Joe as adorable together as we do? Sound off in the comments below!

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