Candice Accola Teases Klaroline Romance: “I Love New Orleans” (VIDEO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Candice Accola Teases Klaroline Romance: “I Love New Orleans” (VIDEO)

With Caroline (Candice Accola) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) set to appear on completely different shows this television season (she will continue on The Vampire Diaries and he will star in spin-off The Originals) can we expect any Klaroline time this season? Candice talked to ETonline about the possibility of Caroline heading to New Orleans to visit our favorite homicidal vamp!

“Well, I love New Orleans,” Candice teased before delving into what we really want to hear: “I think it would be really fun to see Caroline over bugging Klaus and teasing him a little bit.” Be still our Klaroline-shipping hearts! We’re on the same page as Candice, but what can she tell us about the actual odds that the feisty blond vamp will skip class and visit Klaus in the Big Easy?

“I mean that all depends on where storylines go,” said Candice. “But I love that that relationship — whatever kind of relationship it was — was left open-ended.” It sounds like, for now, the possibility for a Klaroline-inspired crossover between the two shows is very much there, but nothing is in the works (at least, that the TVD/The Originals casts and creative teams want to talk about).

There’s also the issue of Caroline’s current boyfriend, Tyler (Michael Trevino), complicating things. When Season 5 of TVD picks up, Ty will apparently be off-screen, helping a werewolf pack out somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. Will Caroline be waiting for him at Whitmore College when he gets back?

“I think [their relationship] parallels very strongly to a very common idea,” said Candice. “You know, if you have a high school sweetheart and you go off to college for the first year, you’re like, ‘No, we are in this and we’re doing this. We’re gonna make it.’ Which some do, and I think that’s beautiful and romantic. Some don’t.”

Are you dying to see Caroline visit Klaus in New Orleans? And do you think Caroline and Tyler will survive past high school sweethearts? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: ETonline