Candice Accola Thinks Caroline Will Be “Disturbed” in Vampire Diaries Season 4
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Candice Accola Thinks Caroline Will Be “Disturbed” in Vampire Diaries Season 4

At the start of Season 3, everyone was calling Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola) the Romeo and Juliet of Mystic Falls. Now that The Vampire Diaries is headed into its fourth season, a lot has gone down between the new hybrid and Vampire Barbie. At this point, Caroline is convinced her boyfriend is dead, but she’s in for quite a shock when the series returns in October. TV Guide spoke to Candice about the finale and what might be ahead for the fanged cheerleader in Season 4.

“It was just tragic,” says Candice of the final scenes between Caroline and Tyler. “She almost kind of got this like romantic love affair that she wanted, and it just didn’t work out.” That’s pretty much how it goes in Mystic Falls, though, and that might prove to be too much to handle for certain members of the group. Candice predicts everyone will have a breaking point because they’ve all had to deal with so much.

Of course, finding out that she said her emotional goodbye to Tyler — while Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was inhabiting his body — just might lead Caroline to snap. Candice predicts the blonde bloodsucker will be “disturbed” when she learns she’s shared a kiss with the wicked Original.

Disturbed, but not disgusted? Eh? Eh?

Source: TV Guide

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