Candice Glover “Not That Confident” About American Idol Finale Chances — Interview
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Candice Glover “Not That Confident” About American Idol Finale Chances — Interview

Candice Glover was the standout star of the Top 3 American Idol performances show last night, but she’s still not certain she’ll make it to the American Idol finale. Despite massive press about how she may have already earned the Season 12 win with her final performance on American Idol last night, Candice is still unsure if she’ll make it to the final two.

In an interview after the American Idol performances last night, Candice talked about her emotional hometown visit and the her emotional connection to the song that earned her a rousing standing ovation from the American Idol judges last night as the best performance of the evening.

Did you know that last song was going to be such a moment?

I didn’t, no. You know, you come from your hometown visit... You don’t know these songs because they give it to you before you leave but, of course, who would want to [deal with that during] your hometown visit, right? So you come back, and you’re not prepared and everything. So during rehearsal I thought that I was going to suck at all three songs, but I’m definitely glad that that was a moment. I really enjoyed doing that song. That was my favorite one, if you could tell.

Why do you think you connected so much to that song?

The words of that song, like I said with the first performance, I like to dig deep into the lyrics and see what they actually mean. They were telling me – because I didn’t know the song, I had never seen the musical – everybody said it’s about this girl, she can’t be with this guy, it’s like the modern-day Romeo and Juliet. But in my mind, I was thinking ‘somewhere,’ because I live in a place where music is not really that big of a deal, so American Idol is definitely a good way of getting out there. I feel like that was my way of saying somewhere there is a way out there where I can get myself across, and somewhere where my music career can happen and this is my platform. So, that’s me saying like, somewhere. Somewhere – like next week. Next week – like the finale. Somewhere – over there next week. But yeah, I definitely connected to it. That’s the way that I interpreted it.

When we spoke on Sunday you were saying how tired you were. How much did that play into tonight? In between the first and second songs all three of you got re energized, but the first one you seemed a little less.

The first one I was extremely tired and I agree with what they said about me being sharp in areas because the adrenaline is rushing and you’re so tired, like you said. So, I definitely saw where they were coming from with that, but after you warm up a little bit with your second performance and after seeing your hometown visit – I’m on the stage waiting to perform while I’m watching that, so I’m crying and the camera man is trying to come and make funny faces in front of me so I won’t cry. I think after seeing your hometown visit, that just gives you the boost that you need because all those people at home want you to do a good job and they’re supporting you. I think that definitely had a lot to do with it. But that first performance – my voice is still tired from the whole weekend.

WP: After performing the three songs how confident are you that you’ll be back next week?

Well, for the first two ones, I was iffy about those songs all week. I was like, oh my gosh, this isn’t me, these songs aren’t really in my wheelhouse. But “Somewhere” was my big emotional thing. I wanted it to be a moment like “I Who Have Nothing” or “Lovesong.” I felt really confident, but not that confident. After Jimmy said what he had to say I feel a little bit better.

After the first two rounds went to Kree and Angie, did that fire you up for round 3?

At first it hurt my feelings. I was like aw, ok. This is the last performance before America votes. Well, not so much my feelings hurt but like you said amped me up and gave me the boost that I needed. I was like oh my gosh, I can either mope about not winning a round or I can show them why I even made the Top 3 in the first place and I think that's what I did.

How do you think your competitors did?

Good! And that's why I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow; I don't know what's going to happen in the finale. We're in a season where everybody is so freaking good. Every time they come off stage we just run and, like, knock them over with hugs because everybody is so good and it's going to be so hard to tell. You can't go home resting in the fact that you had a good night because everybody had a good night. It's going to be really hard.

WP: What did you think about other people picking your songs?

I think that was the most uncomfortable thing — not having any control over what I sing. They could've chosen the Barney song for all I know, and I didn't have a choice. I had to sing it!

I've been saying you should do "Next to Me" for a few weeks now.

Yeah, a lot of people have been asking me to do "Next to Me" so I was glad they picked that song. It's fun and it's hot right now so it showed that current vibe. You can't be old-fashioned.

You said music isn't a big part of where you came from, do you think you being on Idol will help change that?

I think definitely. By music not being a big thing I mean musical opportunities like me getting a record deal there, there's not a big chance because it's such a small area and stuff. But I definitely know that I brought a lot of people together now that I went home. I saw everybody from different sides — you know how people have their different cliques and their different stuff at home — everybody just joined together and I was glad that that I could be the reason why that was. So I definitely think that I left a mark there.

WP: You have your own day!

I don't know if they're going to get off work on that day, if kids are not going to go to school!

Can you declare what happens?

Everyone should eat macaroni and cheese that day for breakfast and lunch and make sure you get some fried chicken too.

Did you have a private moment with the governor?

I had a little green room where I would rest or change clothes and she came in there and just told me how proud she was. I really look up to her and the fact that the governor [would come] and the mayor was there — it wasn't shown but he gave me like this hand-woven key to the city. I wish they would've shown it! I'll have to call him and tell him sorry. But I had moments with him. They're these big, important people and they were all there to support me and I think that's why I cried so much because all those people were there for Candice. The same girl who was doing nothing about a year ago.

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