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Candy Spelling: I Don’t Know What Tori Will Decide About Dean McDermott (VIDEO)

Tori Spelling’s no stranger to drama and we don’t mean her role on 90210. She’s had plenty of public ups and downs over the years including with her mother, Candy. They’ve long had a strained relationship including, as Candy wrote in her tell-all book, an entire year where the two didn’t talk.

“During the year we were estranged,” she writes, “it was excruciating not hearing from Tori and not being able to get ahold of her.”

That iciness means the first time Candy says she met her daughter’s husband, Dean McDermott, was at the funeral of her husband and Tori’s dad, Aaron Spelling. “It was very uncomfortable,” she says of that first meeting.

Time heals all wounds, though, and Candy and Tori have since reconciled. That, however, doesn’t mean T’s turning to her mom much during her most recent struggle: Dean’s infidelity and subsequent rehab stay.

We’ve been able to follow each development in Tori and Dean’s relationship thanks to Lifetime series True Tori and truly, Candy hasn’t been featured much. There’s a reason, she says. “Tori hasn’t really asked me for advice,” she explains in the video above, adding that she will support whatever Tori decides.

But whether or not that means divorce, Candy can’t say. “I don’t know what her decision will be,” she continues, saying of Dean, “I just know he’s a great father and they’re great together.”

Watch the video above to hear what else Candy said. Think she’s got it right about Dean? Will he and Tori make amends?

Source: E! Online