Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Transformation — She Looks So Different! (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez has been around the block a lot during her lengthy career. Starting as a backup dancer and going on to stratospheric stardom, J.Lo’s undergone more than one major style revolution. But we had no idea how far she’d come down the catwalk until checking out the video above!

Starting way back in Jenny from the Block’s early days, we see a dark-haired Jennifer rocking the then-popular matte lip. She’s got curly hair and practically screams ‘90s chic. A handful of years later, though, it’s all highlights and straight ‘do as she poses for the cover of On the 6, her debut studio album.

With the arrival of her 1999 first album, we get a whole new Jennifer and she’s a golden goddess! Bronzed and buffed, the American Idol judge looks ready to take over the world, which, of course, she kind of did. We get a look back at some of the “I Luh You Papi” singer’s most memorable looks including that cleavage-baring green number she wore when taking the red carpet with then-beau P. Diddy.

Puff Daddy’s not the only former flame we get a pick at. Jennifer changed partners nearly as often as she changed styles, and we see her looking lovely once again in green as she takes up with Ben Affleck. Check out the video above to see more of Jenny’s looks and loves; then head below to tell us what (and who) is your favorite!