Carl Grimes Covers Zombie Apocalypse Issue of Teen Beat (PHOTO)
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The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes Covers Zombie Apocalypse Issue of Teen Beat (PHOTO)

On The Walking Dead the world is all but over, making it incredibly hard to find clothing, shelter, and even food — need we remind you how Carl Grimes(Chandler Riggs) ate that massive can of pudding in one sitting? But the folks over at Vulture created a hypothetical zombie apocalypse issue of Teen Beat magazine featuring our favorite temperamental tween, and it was almost entertaining enough to make us forget the dire circumstances Team Prison is in right now. Almost.

The mock cover shows Carl, front and center, giving the camera his serious face. Among the scandalous headlines teased we have: “Carl’s Confession: What’s Really Inside That Giant Hat?” and “Carl’s CRAZY Food Obsession: Pudding.” We have no idea what Carl is hiding underneath that hat, but it’s certainly worthy of an exposé.

Though Carl is clearly the mag’s cute cover boy, other Walking Dead characters are also shown, poking fun at some of the more ridiculous headlines we’ve become accustomed to seeing today. For example, the cover teases a “Before and After” feature with Patrick and walker Patrick (may he rest in peace). Plus, there’s a quiz devised to help you decide which walker will “walk away with your heart.” At least we know that Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino) has a fondness for Nick.

We know this issue of Teen Beat is just for fun, but with all of these fun, interesting stories, we kind of wish something like this really existed!

What do you think of Carl covering a hypothetical, post-apocalyptic issue of Teen Beat? Tell us your thoughts below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Vulture

02.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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