Watch X Factor 2013 Contestant Carlos Guevara Sing John Mayer’s “Gravity” (VIDEO)
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The X Factor

Watch X Factor 2013 Contestant Carlos Guevara Sing John Mayer’s “Gravity” (VIDEO)

Few contestants tug on our heart strings and make us want to full-on adopt them. But 16-year-old Carlos Guevara certainly had not only us, but even Demi in tears with his sweet story and incredible strength.

The high school student spilled during the taped interview that he has Tourette's Syndrome, and though they've tried every medicine in the world, the only thing that has helped is music. While his mom was afraid that after he had to leave his student council position and football team, his friends would ditch him because of his verbal and motor ticks, they did no such thing — and instead banded around him. (Crying yet?)

Carlos sang John Mayer's "Gravity," and his unique voice and passion were evident to all the judges. Backstage, his friends and family were in tears with joy for him, and he said "I can't ask for any better friends. They're the best. They care."

Paulina Rubio was emotional, saying "I don't know you, but I am so proud of you. You have an amazing voice." Demi, likewise, was moved, saying "You have a amazing voice. I can tell that you have a beautiful soul. You are so talented." Even Simon seemed touched, declaring "You know what I like about you? You’re not a victim."

Watch the video and then check here to see if Carlos makes the Top 16.