Carlton Gebbia: THIS RHoBH Star Is a “New Kind Stupid” and a “Twit”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Carlton Gebbia: THIS RHoBH Star Is a “New Kind Stupid” and a “Twit”

We got to meet Carlton Gebbia and her husband David on this week's Season 4 premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And while Carlton seemed to get along with some of the ladies, she also quickly had issues with a number of them.

Carlton writes in her Bravo blog that she did not appreciate hearing Joyce Giraud and her husband Michael comment on Carlton and David's kids' names.

"[Michael] asks my son and daughters' names, "Hold on... Cross?' turning his ear as if he's temporarily lost his hearing," Carlton writes. "'That's unbelievable.' Is it, Michael? Then, Joyce says, 'Destiny and Mysteri I like that even better than Cross'... crickets!"

"So happy you like my girls' names, Joyce did you notice I made no comment about your children's names?" Carlton says. "I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, children are off-limits. It's sort of an unwritten parental code."

Carlton says this is the first time any such comments have been made about her kids' names to her. "I understand that my children's names are unique, but this was a first for me," she writes. "It's astonishing that this couple I just met would make such rude and tactless comments directly to me a mother, protector of her babes. This is by far a new kind of stupid."

"Oh, and one more comment, they said that having more than two children was too many," she adds. "They liked to have one for each hand... Oh, my god, I feel like I'm in the bloody twilight zone. Who are these couple of twits?"

Meanwhile, Carlton explains why she didn't like to hear the ladies joking about Lisa Vanderpump's supposed nude scene. "Even if it is an inside joke, it just feels mean-spirited," she says. "I don't know these women's history, but at the beginning of this evening Kyle looked like she was friendly with Lisa. She certainly was smiling and laughing with her."

We appreciate that Carlton speaks her mind and wants to defend people. Clearly, she and Joyce won't be besties anytime soon.

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