Does THIS Photo Explain Why Carlton Gebbia Hates Kyle Richards?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Does THIS Photo Explain Why Carlton Gebbia Hates Kyle Richards?

Are we getting more insight into why Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia has had such a tough time making nice with Kyle Richards this season? Indeed, a photo has emerged of Carlton Gebbia hanging out with psychic Allison DuBois, whom you may remember from Season 1 of the show.

To refresh your memory, Camille Grammer had a dinner party during the first season, and she invited the show's cast members, along with pal Allison, whom Camille knew through then-husband Kelsey. Allison quickly turned on Camille's co-stars, calling Kyle a mean girl and saying that Mauricio would cheat on her.

Now, Allison has posted a throwback photo to Twitter of herself hanging out with a group of friends. Among the people in the pic with Allison are none other than Carlton and her husband David. "Throwback Thursday! Me, @joedubois14, @CarltonGebbia13, her husband David, Draden and some chick, at the Abbey in LA!" Allison captions the pic. And who wouldn't want to be called "some chick"?

A number of Kyle's fans saw this pic and brought it to her attention, since it seems that Carlton's friendship with Allison may explain why Carlton disliked Kyle from the moment they first met. "Now things are making sense," Kyle tweets on March 24. And Camille who hasn't spoken to Allison in two years agrees with Kyle. "Picture says it all... I get it now," Camille tweets.

We definitely find it interesting that Allison and Carlton appear to be longtime pals, since we can't imagine that Allison would have ever said anything nice about Kyle. It's also interesting that Camille is definitely no longer friends with Allison and is instead very close with Kyle.

Do you think Carlton's friendship with Allison explains why Carlton doesn't like Kyle?

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