Carlton Gebbia: Kyle Richards Adds “Fuel” to the Rumors About Mauricio Cheating
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Carlton Gebbia: Kyle Richards Adds “Fuel” to the Rumors About Mauricio Cheating

Much of the focus this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thus far has been on Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio dealing with rumors of his alleged infidelity. But Carlton Gebbia feels that Kyle herself has been making the rumors worse.

"My experience has been, if you want to move on from a negative situation, then one should stop shinning a bloody spotlight on it," Carlton writes in her Bravo blog about Kyle. "Just stop talking about it. At this point, you have flogged it to death. Stop adding fuel to an almost out fire."

"So the tabloids lied and said her husband cheated with a woman," Carlton continues. "Seriously, the only thing of true value here is that they seem to have a really great marriage and obviously beautiful children — and that is the only support they should need."

Carlton says she didn't expect Brandi Glanville to tell Lisa Vanderpump that they kissed. "Yes, watching Brandi tell Lisa that we made out was a little surprising and maybe if I had known her better, I might not have been shocked. But like she said, it was just a kiss no torrid affair. We didn't elope. I make no apologies for having kissed girlfriends. It's bloody harmless."

Calrton also says that acupuncture worked out for her cat, Midnight. "I am thrilled to say, after about eight sessions of [laser treatment and acupuncture], our Midnight is miraculously brand-spanking new," she writes. Hooray, Midnight!

Do you agree that Kyle should just be ignoring the rumors about Mauricio?

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