Carlton Gebbia on Kyle Richards: “She Is Seriously Crossing a Line”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Carlton Gebbia on Kyle Richards: “She Is Seriously Crossing a Line”

In case you hadn't noticed, Carlton Gebbia was not exactly pleased when Kyle Richards called her "anti-Semitic" on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, Carlton is giving her assessment of Kyle's character.

"For me, it says a lot about the character of a person who can say such a hateful thing without conscience," Carlton writes in her Bravo blog about Kyle. "A total BASELESS defamatory accusation."

"So when she called me that horrific name, it was honestly devastating to me," Carlton adds. "I have never been called anything so hateful, so I immediately covered it with anger, until I got home and it turned to tears. It took a while to get past that for me. You can call me a bitch, witch, or whatever, but one thing I'm not is prejudice - it was shocking to me."

"To say that my disdain for her is because of her religion that she converted to and not the truth - I just don't think she's a good person," Carlton writes. "She is seriously crossing a line."

Do you think Carlton is right to be livid about Kyle's claim? Or do you think Kyle has a point?

Source: Carlton's Bravo blog

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