Which Housewife Does Carlton Gebbia Find “Toxic”?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Which Housewife Does Carlton Gebbia Find “Toxic”?

There’s a catfight going on in Beverly Hills and it looks as though Carlton Gebbia has come with her claws sharpened.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer opens up to Star magazine (via RadarOnline.com) about how she feels about the other women on the show, and it ain’t pretty.

The Beverly Hills brawler revealed that, despite the near-constant tornado of trouble swirling around castmate and onetime makeout partner Brandi Glanville, Carlton believes the former model and poster girl for scorned women shouldn’t be ashamed of speaking her mind.

“Brandi is known for being unfiltered and inappropriate, but I don’t think she’s a racist,” Carlton explains of a racially-tinged comment Brandi made to Joyce Giraud. “She just made a stupid comment.”

While Brandi still seems to curry some favor with her castmate, not everyone on the show is so lucky. While Carlton says that Joyce “will cause drama for the sake of drama,” it’s castmate Kyle Richards who bears the brunt of Carlton’s anger.

“Kyle is not authentic. She is insincere,” says Carlton. “I don’t believe she has a loyal bone in her body. I think she’s incredibly calculating, and I honestly think she’s toxic.”

Tell us how you really feel, Carlton!

Do you think Carlton is being overly critical of her castmates?

Source: Star / RadarOnline.com