New Housewife Carlton Gebbia Dishes Wiccan Halloween Secrets
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

New Housewife Carlton Gebbia Dishes Wiccan Halloween Secrets

New Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Carlton Gebbia has special rituals that might surprise you when it comes to celebrating Halloween. But she also plans to get nearly naked for a Halloween party so in that sense, she's pretty much like the rest of us.

Carlton, who is is Wiccan, tells The Dish she enjoys the fun elements of Halloween, but it's also a somber holiday for her religion as well.

"Halloween is a pagan new year," she explains. "Some will celebrate it on the day before. It is just honoring the dead and cleansing and releasing. But yes, I do celebrate. Absolutely."

"There are a few things that I do," Carlton elaborates. "I don’t do it around my children, I don’t do it around my husband, I do it on my own. The reason is it is such a sacred moment. And anytime, like I said, when it’s the changing of seasons, it’s profound because the faith is based in nature."

However, she still loves accompanying her kids to nab free candy from the neighbors. "On the fun side of that for me, I really do enjoy Halloween as just a fun celebration," she says. "We take our children trick-or-treating. They love that. They get dressed up. Last year we had this huge Halloween party which was brilliant. So I celebrate it probably in two different ways."

And it sounds like things can get a little sexy at these parties. "When we have our parties, that's when I'm wearing next to nothing," Carlton divulges. Sounds like quite a party!

As far as the show goes, Carlton says she got along with basically all her fellow Housewives with one exception. "I definitely probably from the get-go and right up until the end would get gut instincts about Kyle [Richards], and definitely my intuition about her was right on," she says. "So I actually didn’t think I would get along with Kim [Richards], but I ended up not a fan of Kyle." Indeed, it appears the feeling is mutual.

We can't wait to see the drama unfold when the season premieres next month!

Source: The Dish