Carly Waddell Faces Kirk DeWindt Post-Split, Debuts Breakup Song “Blindsided” (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Carly Waddell Faces Kirk DeWindt Post-Split, Debuts Breakup Song “Blindsided” (VIDEO)


If Bachelor in Paradise’s after show, After Paradise, brought us anything this season, it was some epic post-breakup confrontations. The latest? Carly Waddell and Kirk DeWindt’s face-to-face, which was somehow simultaneously cringe-inducing yet validating to watch.


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In the September 7 episode, heartbroken Carly confronted the guy who broke her heart on national television, and to say it was awkward would be an understatement.


But before the Bachelor Season 19 contestant spoke her piece, Kirk attempted to make up for his seemingly sudden change in feelings in the Season 2 finale.

Though he also admitted Carly “didn’t deserve” that final devastating day in Paradise, it’s clear Chris Soules’s ex didn’t get what she wanted out of his apology.


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“For all the women that this has happened to, guys, stop doing this! Just stop!,” Carly said. “Don’t do this to someone else, please stop doing this because this is wrong. This is just wrong.”


Carly also clarified that she wasn’t on a mission to have Kirk’s babies — despite what editing may have you believe.

And while the 29-year-old verged on melodramatic in her After Paradise appearance, it’s probably just because she’s an emotional gal — she is a musician after all! In fact, she even wrote a song about the breakup, which she released online this week.

The country-tinged acoustic ballad leaves nothing to the imagination with the title, “Blindsided. A song for Kirk.” This giving you shades of Taylor Swift? You’re not alone! Carly revealed that Ashley Iaconetti told her she “Taylor Swift-ed him.” Check out some of the brutally honest lyrics:


“Love, I thought I found you but it wasn’t enough / Wishes don’t come true when you run from the very spark that you ignited / Blindsided.”


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“It was just everything that I wanted to say,” Carly told Chris Harrison on AP. “My soul speaks through music and I wanted everyone to hear it from the deepest part of me.”