Carmon Cambrice Fights With Kandi Burruss’s Bridesmaids: “Bye, Felisha!” (VIDEO)
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Kandi Burruss

Carmon Cambrice Fights With Kandi Burruss’s Bridesmaids: “Bye, Felisha!” (VIDEO)

When you’re getting married, the whole point in having bridesmaids is for them to make things easier during wedding planning, not harder — but sometimes that doesn’t work out the way it should. Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss is having that issue with maid of honor Carmon Cambrice, who can’t seem to get along with anyone!

First, there were the issues with Mama Joyce, with Kandi’s meddling mother accusing Carmon of getting too close with Todd Tucker (re: sneaky deaky affair status). The accusations were seemingly unfounded and brushed away, but that didn’t clear the air between Carmon and Joyce. And then there was the whole argument between the MOH and groom Todd about her involvement in the wedding planning. All in all, it’s not been Carmon’s best showing.

According to sneak peek from next week’s June 14 ep, things won’t be getting any better anytime soon. This time, Carmon is facing off with the other ladies in the bridal party, namely Tamera Wynn who thinks she should apologize to Mama Joyce and make the peace — and Carmon is having none of that.

“I appreciate you feel that you need to give your advice, but no thank you, I’m good,” Carmon begins, getting heated. “So, bye Felisha!” she adds, waving her hand dismissively. Ooh, girl!

Now, while Tamera is clearly pissed, we can’t help but laugh at Phaedra Parks’s hilarious reaction here: “Well, who is Felisha?” Ha! But Carmon is not backing off, answering her with, “The random bitch you don’t give a f—k about.” Snap!

From there, the rest of the bridal party, including Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Rasheeda, all try to settle the mess but it’s hard to imagine Carmon and Tamera being civil by the wedding. Can they work it out for Kandi?

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