Carmon Cambrice Dishes on What Pushed Her Over the Edge (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Carmon Cambrice Dishes on What Pushed Her Over the Edge (VIDEO)

Though we’ve met Kandi Burruss’s bestie Carmon Cambrice on Real Housewives of Atlanta in the past, we didn’t really get to see the dynamics of their 27-year friendship play out until last Sunday’s June 1 premiere of Kandi’s Wedding. And her heated conversations with Kandi and Todd, she left a lot of people wondering about her…

But Carmon is clearing that situation up in a recent sit down with Kandi at The YBF, where the BFFs explain that all that crying and yelling was a rarity.

“We’ve been friends since we was like 11 and never had an argument like that,” Kandi explains to the magazine.

So what was it that really set Carmon off? Well, as you saw there was the whole friends mixed with business issue of the wedding, but what it boils down to is ultimately Kandi’s mother Mama Joyce.

“Taping this show is what really pushed me over the edge, I think,” Carmon starts hesitantly, before quickly shifting gears, “Well no, Mama Joyce. That situation was crazy. And then going into taping the show again and knowing I would have to face her mom again. I was like, 'I don't want to do this again.'”

If you remember, Joyce accused Carmon — who used to “be like a daughter” to herof carrying on an affair with Todd behind Kandi’s back. Though Kandi didn’t believe a word of it, Carmon has admitted that she feared Kandi might start to develop some doubts about her loyalty.

Luckily, their friendship endured it all — as all healthy, good relationships should!

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Source: The YBF