Caroline Manzo and Sister Dina Remember Hurricane Sandy
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Caroline Manzo and Sister Dina Remember Hurricane Sandy

For the residents of New Jersey, this week marked an important anniversary for them. On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Some of The Real Housewives of New Jersey looked back on the trying time.

Dina Manzo took to Twitter to remember the fateful day.

"I can't believe it's been a year since Sandy....What a scary day for so many. Prayers for those who's lives were forever changed. xo," she wrote.

Meanwhile, her sister, Caroline Manzo, dedicated an entire blog post on her website to the anniversary.

"It’s been a year since Hurricane Sandy barreled into the East coast reeking havoc on our lives and causing devastation to a degree that most of us had never seen before," she began.

Caroline went on to describe the amazing response she got when she set up a donation station for the victims of the storm.

"The day after Sandy, we set up a drop off point for food, clothing, and supplies at Lauren’s store, Cafface, in Franklin Lakes. We put the message out, through social media, that we were collecting for Sandy victims and the response was incredible," she recalled.

In fact, the response was so great that they ended up moving the location of the drive to a larger warehouse to accommodate all the food and clothing that was donated.

"I still can’t believe something like this happened to us, we are a cocky bunch in the tri-state area, and we learned a very big lesson from Sandy," Caroline concluded. "Yes, it can happen to you, and yes, you better be prepared."

Can you believe a year has passed already? Share your own memories below.

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