Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Dries on Damon and Elena at Comic-Con 2013
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Dries on Damon and Elena at Comic-Con 2013

If you want to know what’s going to happen on a TV show, ask an executive producer. They know all! That’s just what producers did at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con with Caroline Dries, who has all the scoop on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

What can you tell us about this season? What can fans expect?

Caroline Dries: This season, the theme of it is sort of “fresh start.” Elena [Nina Dobrev] is going to be going to college with Caroline [Candice Accola]; Damon [Ian Somerhalder] and Elena are trying to have a new, real-person relationship; and, of course, all of that is going to go terribly awry by the end of act one.

So they are happy for like one episode?

What we’re trying to do is keep them — you know how like, couples in TV shows you want them to be together and then they get together and all of the sexual tension is gone and they’re boring? We want to be hyper aware of that but we also want them to be happy for a little while because Damon has fought so hard to be with Elena. So we just want to go against the grain and make them a happy couple without bickering and fighting every episode but actually make the relationship suffer from real-life issues that come up in normal people’s relationships and make it less about the mythological conflict between them.

What kind of college student does Elena make? Are we going to mostly see her in classes or outside of campus? What kind of social life does she have?

She is going to school to prove she can be a functioning, normal vampire. She’s going to probably be pre-med, like her dad was a doctor. She just wants to go to college, go to frat parties, and hang out. And then when she goes there, of course her professor is super hot and maybe shady. But when she goes there she realizes something is going on at this college. So she becomes more embroiled in this vampire-college mystery that’s going on and it becomes less about her going to like math class.

Are we going to find out more about the doppelgänger mythology?

Yes, that’s another thing this whole season. So obviously it’s like, oh, Stefan’s [Paul Wesley] a doppelgänger! That’s kind of a huge bomb, so no, it was not just because we needed a cool episode out that was like a very interesting mythology. As Stefan is learning about himself and Elena is like, what is going on with me? Why do I exist? We’re going to realize that the doppelgängers are this awesome interesting mythology that dates back to the year zero.

How does Katherine [Nina Dobrev] handle being a human?

She is probably my favorite storyline; she’s my favorite character to write for right now because she continues to be this conniving, rude, manipulative bitch. But it’s like, now she can get paper cuts! So she is so proud, but now she’s vulnerable so she has to learn how to adapt as all of her victims have. So she becomes this weirdly lovable person that you kind of want to date every person on the show.

So, she misses being a vampire?

She is miserable, she is miserable.

So she is trying to find her way back to vampirism?

Yes, and so we address early on that no one has ever taken the cure before, so if I drank vampire blood and killed myself who is to say that I am going to wake up? So she’s not willing to risk anything.

So, becoming a human has made her more lovable?

I think that will ultimately be her arc, but I think she’ll continue to be Katherine the villain for the first chunk of the season because she just doesn’t know any other way.

Will we be seeing her a lot?

Yeah, you know she does kind of become this main character. So which is just to me really fun because you have Silas and Stefan you have Elena and Katherine. If you’re just getting into the show in Season 5, you’re like who are all these people. Do they not cast any new people?

What about Bonnie [Kat Graham]?

Bonnie has a really cool story this year. So we were like, what should we do with Bonnie last year because she had kind of climaxed in terms of her magical power. And it was like, do we take her to the next level and make her all evil which we’ve seen a million times or kill her and give her this new cool story from the other side. So she is going to deal with a lot of issues that are about death and stuff and coming to terms with her own death. All of her friends don’t realize she’s actually dead. So she’s keeping that her secret.