Caroline Manzo Reveals She Might Have Breast Cancer in ‘Manzo’ Trailer (VIDEO)
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Manzod With Children

Caroline Manzo Reveals She Might Have Breast Cancer in ‘Manzo’ Trailer (VIDEO)


Though Manzo’d With Children is known mostly for its laughs, things are going to take a serious turn in the upcoming season.

A new trailer for Season 3 of the RHONJ spin-off starts off funny, with Caroline Manzo and her kids, Albie, Chris, and Lauren, and her son-in-law, Vito Scalia, joking around and making fun of each other.

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But in the last few seconds, we see a concerned Caroline ask her husband, Albert, to feel her breast because she thinks she might’ve felt a lump.

“I’m the strongest person you will ever meet when I’m battling for someone else,” the mom of three tells the cameras. “But when it’s me? Oh my god.”

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Though we don’t get a definitive answer on if she actually has breast cancer or just has a scare, it’s serious enough that she must break the news to her children.

“Listen to me,” she cries. “I found a lump.”

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The camera then cuts to daughter Lauren bawling, and ends abruptly on that cliffhanger. Ugh!

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The good news is we’ll get a real answer on the state of Caroline’s health once the show premieres this fall — and also get to see the Franklin Lakes family’s hijinx for another season. Woo!

Watch the trailer above, and tune into the Manzo’d With Children Season 3 premiere Sunday, September 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.