Caroline Manzo Is One Month Into her Diet — How Much Has She Lost?
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Caroline Manzo Is One Month Into her Diet — How Much Has She Lost?

It's been exactly one month since Caroline Manzo first announced her weight-loss goal for 2014 and we're way impressed with her progress so far. The former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member and soon-to-be star of Manzo'd With Children is officially one-third of the way to her ambitious goal after dropping an amazing 10 pounds in the first month after changing her lifestyle for the better.

Caroline took to Twitter to announce her happy news.

"Down 10 lbs in a month - hurray for me," Caroline boasted, and we don't blame her one bit for being proud of her accomplishment. Ten pounds is huge!

Caroline started off at 148.5 pounds and hopes to reach 118 pounds by the end of her journey, so that's just a little over 30 pounds. Now that she's dropped the first ten, the real challenge begins, though. Those last 20 pounds are always the hardest!

But if anyone can do it, it's Caroline. The feisty redhead has been super motivated, probably due to her daughter's upcoming wedding in 2015. This mother of the bride plans to look hot, hot, hot!

If you're hoping to discover that Caroline has uncovered some magic secret to weight loss, we have some bad news: The Manzo matriarch is simply sticking to eating healthy and exercising. It may take a little longer than a fad diet, but a good old-fashioned diet and exercise regime will get you some good old-fashioned results!

Besides experimenting with nutritious low-carb recipes, Caroline is hitting the gym, riding on her new spin bike, and playing tennis with her family. We can't wait to see before and after pics!

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