Caroline Manzo Reveals Her Sons’ Irritating Habits
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Caroline Manzo Reveals Her Sons’ Irritating Habits

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is dishing about what bugs her about her two sons. Take cover!

As part of an interview with OK! Magazine, Caroline was asked what she thinks are her sons Chris and Albie's irritating habits, and they were asked out of earshot of her to predict what she finds irritating about them. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to us.

"Christopher, he forgets everything always losing his keys, always losing his wallet," Caroline says. And it seems that Chris knew this was coming, as he confirms, "I lose everything."

Caroline Manzo Reveals Her Sons’ Irritating Habits
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That said, Chris is feeling pretty comfortable about his relationship with his mom. "I'm my mom's favorite I don't think she gets irritated," he quips.

Instead of being hurt, Albie backs up Chris's assessment. "You are mom's favorite it's kind of weird," Albie says. "I'm Dad's. Lauren's SOL." Poor Lauren!

So what does Albie think he does that bothers his mom? "I know what it is, 'cause I will request something at the most awkward hours," Albie admits. "So if I come home, and I just walk into the place at, like, 9:30 at night, I say, 'Oh, Mom,' and I leave a hint. 'I could really go for some pasta right now, we don't have any pasta in the fridge it's strange.'" Very sly, Albie.

But apparently, that doesn't bother Caroline as much as something else. "Albie's a worrywart that drives me crazy," she says.

However, neither Chris or Albie will comment as to what their mom's annoying habits are. Smart choice, guys.

Source: OK! Magazine