Caroline Manzo Likely to Get Spin-Off — The Pilot Has Already Been Ordered!

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Caroline Manzo Likely to Get Spin-Off — The Pilot Has Already Been Ordered!

Caroline Manzo will reportedly be the first Real Housewives of New Jersey star to land her own spin-off, and we couldn’t be happier for the sensible wife and mom of three.

Per The Wrap, Bravo is willing to give Mama Manzo a shot at her own solo show, and recently ordered a pilot about the Garden State matriarch and her funny family. The pilot’s working title is Manzo’d With Children (yeah, we’d work on that some more) and it will follow Caroline in her daily life as she acts as the “ringleader of the crazy circus that is her Italian family.”

Even though Caroline’s three kids — Albie, Lauren, and Chris — are all grown up, they still cause plenty of drama for their mama. Albie is single, while Chris is eager to come up with the next great idea and Lauren is toying with the idea of getting engaged.

Considering Caroline is one of 11 children, Bravo is eager to expand beyond her immediate family and feature even more Lauritas! Unfortunately it doesn’t look like sis Dina Manzo will be stopping by, but another one of Caroline’s sisters, Fran, is expected to be in the pilot. Viewers of RHoNJ know Fran as Caroline’s cooky, animal-obsessed sib with a huge heart.

The pilot’s tagline is “It’s one crowded house filled with personality, laughter and ham… in both pig and honey-baked forms.” Ah, we love a good nod to Caroline’s favorite pastime: the ham game!

Although spin-offs are nothing new for H’wives (RHoA’s Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes along with RHoC’s Tamra Barney are just a few of the lucky gals with their own shows) it’s important to note that Bravo has only ordered a pilot at this point. However, if the network likes what they see in the pilot it’s safe to assume they will greenlight an entire series!

Somewhere, Teresa Giudice is seething.

Are you surprised that Caroline is one step closer to nabbing her own spin-off?

Source: The Wrap