Caroline Manzo Says Teresa Giudice Was “Never a Friend”
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Caroline Manzo Says Teresa Giudice Was “Never a Friend”

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice had their share of issues toward the end of last year's Season 5. Now, Caroline is letting us know where their relationship currently stands.

Caroline tells Us Weekly that she has never felt close to Teresa. "She was never a friend," Caroline admits. "She was someone I worked with. Someone I knew."

Caroline says she made an effort to develop a relationship with Teresa, but it never really worked out. "When I had the opportunity to work with her and be a part of her life, I tried my best," Caroline continues. "No ill feelings."

Plus, she wishes Teresa and her family all the best in light of Teresa and hubby Joe's ongoing legal battle. "My heart goes out to her and what she’s going through now," Caroline says. "I wish her and her children peace and nothing but the best. It’s history. It’s in my past, and that’s where I’m keeping it. I walked away [from RHoNJ] for a reason."

It's quite interesting that Caroline clearly has no regrets about having put the RHoNJ ladies and their drama behind her. Clearly, she's moving on to bigger and better things, namely her soon-to-premiere spin-off, Manzo'd With Children. But it's interesting that she never bonded with Teresa, especially considering how tight Teresa is with Caroline's sister, Dina.

Are you surprised by Caroline's comments?

Source: Us Weekly