Caroline Manzo Weight Loss Update — How Much Has She Lost?
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Caroline Manzo Weight Loss Update — How Much Has She Lost?

Great news for Caroline Manzo! The feisty redhead is one step closer to her goal after losing another pound on her 2014 weight-loss regiment. The former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member and soon-to-be star of Manzo'd With Children took to Twitter to proudly share her progress.

Caroline reported, "down another pound. This makes me happy. Working hard and seeing results. :O)."

Yay! We are really impressed with Caroline's commitment to her plan. Caroline started off at 148.5 pounds and she's hoping to reach a tiny 118 pounds by the end of her journey. So far, she's down a total of nine pounds, putting her almost a third of the way there!

To reach her goal, Caroline has been putting in long hours of exercise both in and out of the gym. Her husband, Albert, gave her very own spin bike and she's been busy looking for cycling programs to do. Plus, she's been hitting the court with Al for some heated tennis matches. Tennis is a great workout for your entire body, not to mention a serious dose of cardio with all of that running around.

Caroline's also ditched the platefuls of spaghetti for healthier meals. To keep things interesting, she's really gotten into cooking, discovering tons of new recipes and sharing her dishes on Instagram.

Clearly, a simple plan of diet and exercise is really paying off — who knew? Caroline recently commented that her progress was slow, but her daughter pointed out that losing two pounds a week is the ideal number for healthy weight loss.

At this rate, Caroline will definitely hit her goal by Lauren's wedding in 2015.

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