Dancing With the Stars 2014: Carrie Ann Inaba Explains Why She Allowed Amy Purdy’s Lifts
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Dancing With the Stars 2014: Carrie Ann Inaba Explains Why She Allowed Amy Purdy’s Lifts

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba is always on the lookout for lifts in Dancing With the Stars routines.

Sometimes lifts are allowed in a dance, but the Rumba is not one of them, which led her to deduct a point from Charlie White and Peta Murgatroyd's Rumba on Season 18, Week 4, leaving them with a 7. The Waltz is also not a lift-accepted dance, but during the Week 5 Disney show, Carrie Ann explained that, while she saw lifts in Amy Purdy and Derek Hough's Waltz, she wasn't going to deduct for them because of Amy's "unique circumstance." Amy ended up with a 9.

We questioned whether that lift rule change was really fair to anyone, including Amy, but Carrie Ann further explained her decision in her Parade blog.

"She is dancing without the bottom half of her legs, so there are some things she just can’t do,” Carrie Ann wrote. “They have to find a new technique to make things work. I couldn’t take off for the lifts last night because she can’t feel if her feet are still on the ground like everyone else. Also, it is very hard for Amy to come down the stairs. I have noticed that they are always carrying her down the stairs, so I couldn’t take off for that lift either. I know some people are upset with me about this, but I have to live with my scores as well and I have to do what I believe in and I did not think that it’s fair to take off a point for something that she can’t feel. For anyone who can feel whether or not their feet are on the floor, I feel it is fair to take off a point because lifts in certain dances are just not allowed. But that is not the case here. Anyway, it was a beautiful performance and wouldn’t it be kind of cool if Disney did make their next princess someone like Amy?"

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Carrie Ann Inaba Explains Why She Allowed Amy Purdy’s Lifts
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Amy already looks like a Disney princess. This isn't the first time the lift rule has come off as arbitrary and we wouldn't mind if the lift rules were retired, especially if they’re going to be adjusted on a subjective level.

Amy absolutely has the added challenge of dancing with prosthetics, but she's also an athlete and a naturally graceful dancer with gorgeous lines. She doesn't need a separate standard when she's doing so well on her own, and it's not like Derek doesn't know how to choreograph without lifts. Amy actually started her Waltz by walking down the stairs on her own. A lot of couples start their routines right on the ballroom floor without using the stairs at all; it was a Cinderella choreography choice between Derek and Amy, nothing that they had to overcome.

Anyway, you know who could really use a ballroom rule break? Drew Carey! He's sitting at the bottom of the board with 7s because, well, he's the oldest guy left, he's not an athlete, and he's just naturally OK but not that great at dancing.

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