Carrie Ann Inaba Says Going Ombre “Jacked Up” Her Hair!
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Carrie Ann Inaba Says Going Ombre “Jacked Up” Her Hair!

Every so often — like a lot of us — Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba will try out a new look, then she’ll share the results on social media. But not all hair is the same, and one of Carrie Ann’s recent treatments apparently did some damage.

She shared her story in this Facebook post from Sunday, July 6:

“ I have a lot of time on my hands today. Just want to tell everyone that it's not a good idea to ombre your hair. I did it about 5 months ago and my hair is like a brillo pad. Truly, a nice and crispy brillo pad, the ends break and the middle of the shaft breaks and the root breaks. In other words, I jacked it up! lol...As I clean up little pieces I was just thinking I should issue a warning. It was NOT worth it. It looked good for about a month. Then it slowly started becoming this new texture that is really pretty yucky! Now I want to grow my hair back out and it's just NOT interested in what I want. is funny. I was all excited about OMBRE. Who knew...."

She admitted it’s a small problem, and it’s not exactly keeping her up at night, but it’s definitely a live-and-learn situation. You never know how your hair is going to react to the latest trend … until a few months later! Facebook commenters shared their own hair stories, recommending Biotin and various treatments.

Back in February, Carrie Ann went “blonde-ish” with a fun new look, so that may be the hair change she was writing about. If not, it was around the same time, just before Season 18 started. Hopefully her hair can bounce back — not that it’s the end of the world if it stays brittle, but everyone wants healthy, shiny hair, even if they aren’t in the public eye. If all else fails, though, she can just borrow a wig or extensions from the DWTS wardrobe during Season 19!

Source: Carrie Ann on Facebook