Carrie Ann Inaba: I Underscored Bill Engvall on Dancing With the Stars Semifinals
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Carrie Ann Inaba: I Underscored Bill Engvall on Dancing With the Stars Semifinals

It’s kind of a moot point now, but Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba doesn’t feel right about one of her Season 17 Semifinals scores for Bill Engvall and Emma Slater.

Bill and Emma made it to the Finals after earning four 7s for their Week 10 Cha-Cha-Cha and four 8s for their Argentine Tango.

Carrie Ann wishes she could change the latter score. As she wrote in her Parade blog, "Bill and Emma struggled through their Cha-Cha with his normal sense of humor and charisma, but it was Argentine Tango that stood out for me. In fact, I am going to go so far as to say that I may have underscored it. I think I could have given it a 9.”

She said she was “captivated by [Bill’s] gentle yet dashing presence” and he danced right on the music, with no glaring mistakes and a calm confidence that surprised everyone. “I wanted to take back my score, but once we turn in the paper, the scores cannot be changed. Suddenly, Bill Engvall, the funny guy, the blue-collar ballroom dancer was debonair and elegant and refined and yes, I think he deserved a 9. Sorry Bill… I should have given you a 9.”

For comparison's sake, Carrie Ann gave departing celeb Leah Remini two 8s this week; she gave Corbin Bleu a 9 for his Tango and a 10 for his Rumba; she gave Jack Osbourne an 8 for his Jazz and a 10 for his Argentine Tango; and she and gave Amber Riley 10s for both routines.

Carrie Ann also took a moment to celebrate Emma’s amazing Argentine Tango performance (that costume — whew!) and overall contribution. “And Emma, that last fan kick to the final pose took my breath away. Maks [Chmerkovskiy] was right; your choreography has been stellar this season. It was nice that you both changed it up last night. You brought us something different and you proved to all the naysayers that you deserve your spot in the Finals."

Do you agree with Carrie Ann that Bill deserved a 9 for his Argentine Tango? Did they prove the naysayers wrong, even without the higher score? Sound off below!

Source: Parade