Carrie Ann Inaba’s Ex-Boyfriend Joined the DWTS Pro Troupe — And No One Told Her!
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Dancing With The Stars

Carrie Ann Inaba’s Ex-Boyfriend Joined the DWTS Pro Troupe — And No One Told Her!

Oops! Even the judges are getting blindsided with twists and changes on Dancing With the Stars Season 18.

It’s been noted by many fans that this is already a season filled with a lot of “rivalries” and “romances,” even if they both belong in air quotes. Everyone seems to get along (so far) but no one gets along that well, if you know what we mean (so far). We didn’t expect Carrie Ann Inaba to join the soap opera fun, but she dropped this interesting tidbit into her Parade blog on the Season 18 premiere:

"There were a lot of changes to the show. My ex-boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev is now a dancer in the troupe. No one told me, so I was a bit surprised when I walked on set minutes before the show went live and saw him there.”

Awkward! OK, maybe not that awkward.

As Carrie Ann continued, “he’s a wonderful dancer and has won the British version of the show and I’m happy to see him sharing his dancing with the American audience again. Some of you may remember him from So You Think You Can Dance, which is where we met when I choreographed that show. He really is fantastic and for those of you wondering, we are on good terms and I hope you will all enjoy his incredible dancing this season."

Russian dancer Artem was on the first season of SYTYCD back in 2005. He and Carrie Ann dated for about two and a half years, from 2006 to late 2008. In early 2009, Carrie Ann told People, "As much as our relationship was really good," they realized that neither "was 'the one' for the other. It was very sad to let go of something that was so good on so many levels." She praised him as "a fine gentleman," saying, "I have never gone out with somebody that grounded, always ready to talk it out. I'm very happy for him and the success he's having."

Carrie Ann and Artem now seem to be in relationships with other people; he's said to be dating his Strictly Come Dancing partner Kara Tointon, and Carrie Ann has been tweeting about love and her recent trip to Italy and she shared a pic with a handsome guy.

So we know how she felt about seeing her ex, but how did Carrie Ann feel about the Week 1 dancing? Well, we saw her scores, but she added in her blog that she was shaking for about five minutes after Amy Purdy’s performance, she was so shocked and pleasantly surprised. Her second biggest shock (in a good way) came from Candace Cameron Bure. She also added that Meryl Davis has "room for improvement,” and NeNe Leakes has "a LOT of potential." Read her full blog for all the details.

How would you feel if you showed up to work and your ex was there — and would be there every week? Would you be fine with it or wish someone had given you a heads-up?

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